VEBA respirator FFP2

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Respirator mask FFP2 10 pieces

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For all masks:

Consists of high quality material and is therefore pleasant on the skin
Ideal for protection against dust, smoke, metallic particles, mists of various chemicals
The breathing mask also offers reliable protection against fine dust, pollen and animal hair.
Thanks to the very soft material, the mask adapts perfectly to the face and makes it very comfortable to wear, even during longer work.
For work renovation work of all kinds, demolition work, renovation work of all kinds, sawing work, sweeping, drilling work, grinding work, cutting work.
Flexible rubber mounts help to hold the respirator securely on the face
Comfortable and practical shape provides suitable protection (also for glasses wearers)
The mask offers great comfort and breathability for the user.

For masks with filters:

The respirator contains a vent valve on the front.
The breathing mask has a built-in exhalation valve which makes breathing easier and less warm and humid at the same time.

For masks with a nose piece construction / foam pad:

Novel nose bridge construction for more comfortable wearing on the face
The foam pad protects the nose from abrasions and therefore fewer pressure points

FFP1 respirator:

The FFP1 respirator is great for protecting against non-toxic and non-fibrogenic dusts.
The FFP1 respirator filters at least 80% of the particles.
The FFP1 respirator does not lead to the development of inhalation disorders.

FFP2 respirator:

The FFP2 mask has a protection factor of 95%.
The FFP2 respirator is suitable for health-damaging dusts, mists and fumes.
The FFP2 respirator has an integrated filter against solid and liquid particles.

FFP3 respirator:

The FFP3 respirator has the highest protection factor of approximately 99%.
The FFP3 respirator mask protects against toxic substances, droplets of aerosols, carcinogenic, radioactive substances, enzymes and microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi and their spores).
The FFP3 respirator protects against toxic and harmful dusts, smoke and aerosols.